We support the organization of seminars related to AMO Physics.

The main AMO Seminars at the University of Warsaw are Optics Seminar and Quantum Information Seminar.

To apply for the support, contact the coordinator at

Upcoming seminars:
2021-01-21, 10:15, Optics Seminar
Ultra-stable cavity system as a potential gravitational wave detector
mgr Mateusz Narożnik
Nicolaus Copernicus University
abstract|Zoom link

2021-01-21, 11:15, Quantum Information Seminar
Quantum Information in time-frequency continuous variables
dr Nicolas Fabre
Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies, Centre of New Technologies
abstract|Zoom link

Previous seminars & recordings

Other online AMO seminars:
Quantum Science Seminar
Virtual AMO Seminar
Atomic Optics Department Seminar, Jagiellonian University