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Scholarships for Ukrainian Scientists

On the behalf of the CAMOP and the Quantum Molecular Systems group we'd like to inform you that we can cover scholarships and accommodation for next 3-6 months (starting immediately) for Ukrainian scientists working on topics related to the AMO physics and quantum chemistry.

Please spread the news and do not hesitate to contact us!
Michał Tomza: michal.tomza@fuw.edu.pl (http://quantmol.uw.edu.pl/)
Martyna Osada: camop@uw.edu.pl (https://camop.uw.edu.pl/)

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Workshop on Cold Hybrid Ion-atom Systems

Workshop on Cold Hybrid Ion-atom Systems (08-10.06.2022) will bring together international experts in the field of quantum hybrid ion-neutral systems, and the topics will range from collision physics, molecular physics, cold chemistry, Rydberg physics, and few-body physics, to offer a broad overview of current developments in this exciting domain.

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About us

The Centre is a venue for local and international networking and collaboration of researchers working in the field of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics. We support the organization of seminars, conferences, workshops, and other meetings related to AMO Physics as well as short-term and long-term scientific visits.

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We support the organization of seminars related to AMO Physics - at the University of Warsaw, we are involved in the organization of the Optics Seminar and the Quantum Information Seminar. In this section you can find information about upcoming events and recordings of previous meetings.

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Research Highlights

Scientists and researchers involved in our Centre work in the entire field of theoretical and experimental AMO physics: from very precise calculations for atoms, through cooling of molecules, to launching two test Quantum Key Distribution systems. Here you will find a list of research highlights from recent months.

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