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We support the organization of seminars related to AMO Physics.

The main AMO Seminars at the University of Warsaw are Optics SeminarĀ and Quantum Information Seminar.

Recordings of previous seminars are available on our YouTube channel: [link].

To apply for the support, contact the coordinator at camop@uw.edu.pl.

Optics Seminar
There are no upcoming seminars

Quantum Information Seminar
There are no upcoming seminars

Previous seminars
Previous seminars and their recordings can be found here: [link]

We also invite you to pay attention to the following seminars:

Quantum Science Seminar [link]

Virtual AMO Seminar [link]

Atomic Optics Departament Seminar, Jagiellonian University [link]

BEC Seminar, Center for Theoretical Physics PAS [link]