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Candela Foundation

Category: Candela, KNOF, Optics, PhD students, Photonics, Quantum Photonics Lab, Students

We are happy to announce that on February 25, 2021, a new foundation to support young people in optics and photonics was registered in the National Court Register  – Candela.

It’s created by alumni, employees and PhD students of the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw. On a daily basis, they work with the development of retinal imaging methods, create new photonic structures and build systems for the Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). This year, they decided to join forces and use the experience they gained to support young people who want to develop optics and photonics in Poland; just like them.

M. Suster, P. Węgrzyn, A. Widomski; source: https://candela.org.pl/en/candela-portfolio/

As they indicate, the most important ideas behind their activities will be transparency, communication, support for young people, inclusiveness, openness, flexibility and efficiency.

The latest information about Candela can be found on their website (link), Facebook profile (link) and Twitter (link).

Management Board

  • Węgrzyn Piotr, MSc
    President, PhD student at the Faculty of Physics and the International Eye Research Center at the IPC PAS  [link]
  • Suster Mihai, lic.
    Vice-president, technician and graduate student at the Faculty of Physics [link]
  • Widomski Adam, mgr inż.
    Vice-president, PhD student at the Faculty of Physics [link]

Foundation Council

  • Jachura Michał, dr
    Scientist working at the Center for Optical Quantum Technologies of the University of Warsaw [link]
  • Karpiński Michał, dr
    The leader of the Quantum Photonics Laboratory, associated with CAMOP [link]
  • Krajewska Katarzyna, dr hab.
    Leader of the High Fields and Short Impulses Group, associated with CAMOP [link]
  • Pawlus Anna, mgr inż.
    Vice-president of the NiePrzeocz foundation [link]
  • Piotrowski Adam, dr inż.
    President of VIGO Systems S. A. [link]
  • Szkulmowska Anna, dr
    President of AM2M S. A. [link]
  • Turzyński Krzysztof, dr hab.
    Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw [link]